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Take Care has always strived to create collections that are timeless and striking in the simplest way. Elegance, comfort and attention to detail are at the centre of each of each design. With a shift in our focus, the Take Care brand has slowed down and simplified it's philosophy. We believe that in slowing down the process we will create better products that will last longer. Our collections will no longer be heavily focused on seasonal trends, but rather on individual pieces that stand alone as key items and can be worn all year round. 



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More than a collection for one season. Each piece is designed to be worn all year round. With a shift in our approach to fashion, we have created a small collection of classically styled garments with modern silhouettes. The collection was made using the most luxurious fabrics and meticulous construction ensuring that each piece will last years. 



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We make all of our garments to order. We don't hold any excess inventory and we believe in the idea of buying consciously. Our items take a bit longer to be delivered as we hand craft each garment to the highest level of quality. This, as you may expect, requires time. Our process starts once you have completed your order. We hope the wait for each piece is a time of anticipation and appreciation for the process of creating each garment with care.

Or studio is based in Cape Town, South Africa, and our small independent factory produces all of our garments from start to finish.